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Generator Rex is an action-adventure series which will be premiered on Cartoon Network, One of the best Cartoon Channel. It is created by "Man of Action", the same group who created Ben 10. It is expected to start on January 9th, 2011 in both Asia and Canada. As the series is from the creator of Ben 10 you can expect it to be awesome and filled with action and adventure just like Ben 10.

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Several years ago, a massive explosion had released nanites to the atmosphere which affected all the living creature in the earth and making the living creature a monster who is known as E.V.O. (Exponentially Variegated Organism) which is a very powerful but mindless creature who attacks anything around it no matter its a friend or a enemy. To fight against this Evo Threat, an organization was created which is known as Providence.


The main character is Rex, who is a 15 year old young boy. Just like other living creatures even he is affected by the nanites but he is able to control his nanites which gives him a lot of powers and he is also able to cure others from their mutations. He is working with Providence and is determined to to fight against these mutant monster and cure their mutations to make them a normal living creature. But he has to even fight with Van Kleiss, who is against Providence and also able to control his nanites just like Rex and hence he also posses same power as Rex.

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Cartoon Network has also announced that it will be releasing a brand new episode of Generator Rex every week on its official website. This is first time such announcements have been made and is really a nice move. So Don’t forget to Watch Generator Rex On Cartoon Network. You can Play Generator Rex Games by visiting the link below.

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