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Tsurupika Hagemaru is quite a popular Japanese anime show that is based mange series of the same name. Shinbo Nomura is the writer and illustrator of the manga. On the other hand Hiroshi Sasagawa is the director of the anime while the Shin-Ei Animation studio served as the producer of the show. While this anime was originally broadcasted on TV Asahi in Japan, recently the anime made its debut on Pogo TV in India and on the Astro Ceria channel in Malaysia.


Tsurupika Hagemaru, the name of the manga and anime series literally translates to ‘Little Baldy’ that perfectly describes the appearance of Hagemaru Hageda, who is the main character. As the name of the anime suggests, Hagemaru Hageda is illustrated and portrayed as a little kid, with a big, bald head and large black eyebrows over his big anime style eyes. Both in the manga and the anime show, he is portrayed as fourth grader who resides in Japan with his parents. The main plot of the show revolves around the misery of the Hageda family that prevents them from properly feeding their own son. In fact their talking dog Pesu can often be found commenting about the misery of the family. The anime also follows Hagemaru Hageda throughout his school life and the time he spends with his best friend and classmate, Masaru Kondo.


The fact that this anime is an adaptation of a Shogakukan Manga Award winning manga series definitely makes it worth watching and the show can prove to be quite enjoyable. Play Hagemaru Games Online by visiting the link below.

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