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Even for a popular and well known television cartoon channel like Cartoon Network, having a variety of 3D cartoon shows is rather rare. Yet finally Andrew Duncan from Mattel, Nelvana, and Nerd Corps Entertainment manage to create such a 3D CGI animated television in the form of Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, the inspiration for which was taken from Hot Wheels Accelerates and Hot Wheels World Race, which happen to be two popular animated movies from the Hot Wheels franchise. In fact today, almost every kid is aware about Hot Wheels, all around the world.

hot wheels battle force 5

As for this particular animated show, Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 is actually the name of the racing team that is formed within the show which is formed when Vert Wheeler, a fantastic racer and Sage, who happens to some sort of a being called a Sentient who informs his about an alternate dimensions where racers race with cars equipped with weapons and how the Earth’s fate is dependent upon competing in this ‘Battle Zone’.


Handler’s Corners is the fiction town that serves as the setting for this animated television show. The main cast, more specifically the members of the Battle Force 5 comprise of Vert Wheeler as the leader and the owner of a garage in the town, and his team mates including, Agura Ibaden, Sherman and Spinner Cortez, Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV, Zoom Takazumi. Sage and other Sentient are also a part of the show along with a long list of other characters as well. Play Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Games Online by visiting the link below.

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Games


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