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Kick Buttowski is an animated series of United States, Which is currently being aired on Disney XD. It is written Nick Confalone, John Derevlany and by some other writers, it is created by Sandro Cosaro and directed by Chris Savino. It is in English language and consists of 26 episodes. It has become the fourth Disney XD original series and it became the first animated series. Its opening was on February 13, 2010, with two episodes. And it was premiered on Disney Channel Asia on May 28, 2010. This showed used flash animation.


The Story:

It is a story about Clarence “Kick” Buttowski who wants to be daredevil. He has set his goal from his childhood. He is dedicated to master the craft. He is good at tackling the hardships and he skillfully overcomes all the obstacles simply we can say that he has guts to face the challenges. Kick and his friend Gunther go across to their hometown in search of potential training grounds.


Kick is the main character of new show. Kick is around twelve years old; his best friends are Gunther and Wade. He is an amateur, daring daredevil. He loves facing hardships and taking large risks. He has been like this from his childhood; he was often seen riding the tricks. Kick becomes very stubborn when it comes to not getting his way, he never gives up, and kick’s main goal is to embrace each day as a new thrill.



Kick has a white jumpsuit with red stripes running down the sleeves alongside a matching helmet and yellow gloves and boots. He never takes out his helmet.

Development of the series:

It was picked up on December 19, 2008. It was first named as Kid Knievel which later changed into kick Buttowski.

You can Play Kick Buttowski Games Online below.

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  1. abhinandan says:

    it is the bestvshow

  2. Rohil says:

    rocking cartoon & rocking game

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