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The Pogo channel is very famous channel among kids now a days. They launched a brand new series named Magicskool. This new program is going to take its young viewers to a magical journey. It started on 2nd of October.

In this new series the most famous artist and host of pogo the Rob (Harun Robert) is playing the role of the magician. It is a full of energy magic show that will tell the mystifying world of fantasy with a lot of amusement. While playing his role as a ‘cool magician’ Rob will be guiding the viewers about the magic tricks bit-by-bit at the same time making them amaze with magical brain teasers, hidden camera tricks and vanishing objects.


Magicskool will also tell their viewers about the tricks of brain teaser magic. And this will be the most entertaining and energetic trick which will be performed by adults as well as kids. Unlike most of the magic show this will highly amaze the kids and adults, because in this series the most famous kid’s host will help its viewers to be more and more innovative.

The owner of Turner International India GM Entertainment Networks, South Asia miss Monica Tata said the encouraging words:” Pogo now has the opportunity to gain interest of their fans with the launch of Magicskool. This program is going to make their viewers learn the hidden truth behind most of the exclusive and thrilling magic tricks which are going to be attempted by adults and kids.”


The best part of magicskool is “Masti Meter”. In this part of the show host will select their favorite audience to come on stage and perform unbelievable magic actions live. Play Magicskool Games Online by visiting the link below.

Magicskool Games


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