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Monster Buster Club is a Computer Generated Children Animated Series which is being aired on Disney XD. Monster Buster Club, which is also known as MBC is a action cum comedy show about four children who have formed their own top-secret club to fight and capture the Aliens who are after their home town. Actually they live in a town called Single Town which was founded by an alien who was disguised as a human and hence the town became the meeting place for the aliens who come from different planets and galaxy.

Monster Buster Club2

Monster Buster Club actually doesn’t destroy the Aliens their aim is only too capture them and send them back to their planet and hence save their home town. They are helped by an alien girl, Cathy who is really nice and with her grandfather she helps them form a lab from where they have build tunnel ways to different parts of the city so they can reach their at any time when the alien attack is discovered. All the members of MBC has their own suit colors like Cathy has a pink suit, Chris has a blue suit, Sam has a yellow suit and Danny has a red suit. With the alien abilities to Cathy like stretching, Intelligence of Chris, determination and dedication of Sam and Denny they capture the Alien easily and hence MBC has always saved the town from the aliens.


Monster Buster Club is a great series rated 3rd best show after Ben 10 and Scooby doo and it has great action, humor and adventure involved in it. Monster Buster Club has been loved by the children as Monster and Aliens are really famous among kids. Though Monster Buster Club is premiered only in Asia, Europe and Canada till now but soon Marathon Productions who are the developers of Monster Buster Club will broadcast it in other countries too. I guess that will be a good news to most of the fans of MBC who watch MBC online. Here is a really cool Monster Buster Club Game. So Enjoy the Game.

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