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From quite some time, Manga has certainly become quite popular all across the globe. One of the major reasons that people have become familiar with Japanese manga is because of the numerous animated Manga series such as Osomatsu kun, Shin Chan, Kochikame. A pioneering comical Manga artist Fujio Akatsuka was the creator of the manga series, Osomatsu kun which was first introduced in 1962.

Osomatsu kun

Even though not many were accustomed to reading Manga , especially those who could not read Japanese, ever since two anime shows were produced based on the Manga, the most latest one being broadcasted on Animax which was produced by Fuji Television. Through the two anime series, not only was Akatsuka able to build up his comical artistic reputation but the world also got to catch a glimpse of a distinct Manga series.


The main plot of the Manga series revolves around the The Sextuplets as they are named in the series that are nothing but a group of trouble makers. These main characters are in fact a group of six 10 year old kids from the Matsuno family including Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu Ichimatsumoyō, Jūshimatsu and Todomatsu, along with their parents Matsuzō and Matsuyo. The main theme of the Manga series is how well the six brothers get along with other in spite of a few fights here and there. Watching the anime would surely give you reasons to laugh because all six of the kids are always looking to cause mischief. Therefore for anime lovers, this would be really enjoyable and worthy of laughing off to. Osomatsu kun is currently being aired on Hungama TV and is a very good animated series. Play Osomatsu kun Games Online by visiting the link below.

Osomatsu kun Games

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