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Robot Wars is a British game show that made its debut on BBC Two in 1997 and continued broadcasting till 2003. The game show was then shifted to the UK television network Channel 5, for its fifth and final series, which aired in 2003 and lasted till 2004. A US-based competition of the same name served as a model based upon which this show was created. The series is currently being aired on POGO TV as “Robot Wars Lohe Ka Waar” Or simply “Lohe Ka Waar”.

Robot Wars Lohe Ka Waar

Marc Thorpe is the man who came up with the idea of this show and his experience as a designer at Lucasfilm’s LucasToys division served as an inspiration for him. Jeremy Clarkson served the purpose of presenting the first series alongside by Philippa Forrester who was the co-host. Craig Charles was the individual who replaced Jeremy Clarkon, when the latter decided to leave the show, and Craig Charles took the position with much more enthusiasm than his predecessor. The show continued to be presented by Charles till 2004, which was the final series.

Robot Wars Lohe Ka Waar 2

The format of the show revolved around friendly and tournament, combat competition between robots created by teams of amateur and professional roboteers. Unlike the weight and weapon limitations of the robots created by the contestants, there was also the presence of the ‘House Robots’ during each fight, which needed to be avoided apart from fighting the foes. It did not take long for the show to be quite popular and this resulted in the creation of pullback toys based on every robot that was featured during the course of the series apart from Cassius Chrome. Play Robot Wars Lohe Ka Waar Games Online by visiting the link below.

Robot Wars Lohe Ka Waar Games

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