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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is an Animated Cartoon Series created and directed by Peter Browngardt. The animation film is a dubbed production of Cartoon Network. The characters are designed by Robert Ryan Cory has an impressive portfolio in cartoon sketching .There professional clan of both artists are portrayed wonderfully in their animated creation named Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

Sit On Monday night in front of your favorite cartoon channel The Cartoon Network and let the Kids and animation fan enjoy a great show . The series is rated TV-PG, so parental guidance is required to watch the series. The trailer was revealed on August 1, 2011 and the show started on November 4, 2011 and all new episodes are on air from Fridays.

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The storyboard of this weird, funny, crazy and unique series is based on the scenario when a portal from a mysterious world that is a world of monsters , opens and underground monsters enters to the world of humans. They find that this world has all the pleasures they wished for and bejeweled with all of their fantasies they can think off. This humanly word had everything these creatures would ever want. But unfortunately the only problem is, humans hate monsters and they would never accept them in their world .This film invoke a very different and unique idea. Have anyone of us ever wondered that their could be  a world where monsters are living between us without harming and interrupting us like other creatures. From this we get the moral and theme of this series that is having a world where monsters and humans learn to live together and accept each other. The series depict a scenario where human are eager to share their beautiful world with these monsters.

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Actually this series is extensive idea of Uncle Grandpa. Which was created back in 2008, it was a story about short strange man called uncle grandpa. In that featured film he breaks a child’s computer, and in remaking and fixing it he creates a portal with trash and kid toilet. In this mal-creation the monsters explode out of the portal and he has to fight them. From that short feature film Uncle Grandpa, the idea of creating a funny, freaky and unique series named Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and a full episode of it ,called “Teleport-A-Potty” was inspired.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome4

The plot of the animated film revolve around the group of 5 monsters namely Disgustoids, Festro, Gweelok, Fart, Dingle, and Slog. They exploded out in this human world. They find this world like a dream come true. But there is no place for them to live in this new world. Nobody accepts them like other creatures in the world. They struggle and find ways to adjust themselves in this world of humans and this is how the series continues. Play Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Games Online by visiting the link below.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Games

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