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Slugterra is an American cartoon series, which is currently being aired on Hungama TV. Slugterra was created and developed by Asaph Fipke and it was premiered on October 15, 2012 on Disney XD. Slugterra was produced by the Canadian Animation Studio, Nero Corps. The main protagonist in Slugterra is the brave Eli Shane who is a young man and wishes to become the greatest slug-slinging hero in the entire history. For becoming such a super hero, he has to bring together coach and contest little creatures called slugs. Before he came to Slugterra, he had the company of just one slug and it was his friend named Burpy, the ill-reputed slug. After coming to Slugterra, his first good friend is Pronto, whom he finds in a Molenoid. Next he come across a girl named Trixie whom he saved from a bad slug slinger. Later he meets a Cave Troll named Kord. Then with the assistance of his friend, Pronto he participates in a competition in which, he befriends more slugs by coaching them for the contest. In this manner, he build up his team of ghoul slugs to encounter the treacherous Dr. Thadeus Blakk.


Slugs are tiny little creatures found everywhere in Slugterra which is an underground world. These slugs have special powers individually like water, wind, fire, earth, metal, light, dark, toxic, electricity, ice and plant. When the slugs are shot with the blaster, in an instant, they attain a pace of one hundred miles an hour and changes into a powerful destructive creature. Once they are fired, they can be used again if they are being picked as soon as fired and reload them on the blaster. The slugs are protected safely in the different cylindrical containers referred to as slug containers. The slug slingers uses certain procedures like conversation, the use of explicit slug collecting items and slug catching hooks for increasing their resource. The baby slugs must be fed frequently in order to maintain their health and strength.


The blasters consists of three parts the bottom, the barrel and room for re-loading through which the little slugs are fitted after which fired with combined energy of slugs as well as the blasters. There are many parts of this animated series named as Keys to the Kingdom, King of Sling, mission Improbable and more. Don’t miss any of the episodes and travel with Eli Shame and experience the thrill of this adventurous journey in the land of Slugterra. Play Slugterra Games Online by visiting the link below.

Slugterra Games

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