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The Mask is an animated series which was based on a comic book named Super Hero, The Mask and is also a sequel of the The Mask movie which was released in 1994. It was aired on Cartoon Network in India and many other countries. It was an excellent animated comedy cum adventure series which was a very popular at the time it was being aired in Cartoon Network. But soon it disappeared from the TV which was a bad news to all the fans of The Mask . It has totally about 55 episodes out of which like 30+ were aired in India.

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The story was not much complicated and was based on a character named Stanley, who was the main character of the show and also was The Mask which he would become after wearing the mask. Stanley and The Mask are actually the same person but differs a lot in nature. Stanley is very kind, generous, helpful and loving person where as Mask is the opposite of it. He most of the times wants to get rid of The Mask but fails too. As whenever he tries he gets into problems and have to use Mask to overcome against the troubles. He also saves the world from super natural powers by transforming into Mask most of the time. But no one knows that Stanley is the Mask except his pet and his girl friend in the later stages. Most of the people hate The Mask due to his notorious activities. His pet and his best friend Milo, which is a Stanley’s dog also accidently wears Mask most of the time and causes problems to Stanley.

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Many other characters in the negative side like Dr. Pretorius, Walter, Dr. Amelia Chronos and more adds to the adventure of the series. The Series is really awesome and full of Adventure and Comedy. Two movies have been made based on The Mask which are The Mask and Son of the Mask, which were massive hit and very popular among the fans. The show was also known as The Mask: The Animated Series in various places. You can play the The Mask: The Animated Series game below.

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