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Back in 1985 ThunderCats used to be quite a popular animated television series and is still considered as a classic among those who were still young during the 80s. The original television series and its characters were created by Tobin "Ted" Wolf and it has now been confirmed that a reboot of the original series is in the making.


Ethan Spaulding and Michael Jelenic are the producers while Sam Register is the executive producer of the coming ThunderCats (2011 Television series). Studio 4°C, a Japanese animation studio has provided the animation for the series while Warner Bros. Animation is the production company behind this entire project. July 29, 2011 has also been confirmed as the date on which the series will debut on Cartoon Network with a one hour long premiere.


This reboot is still based on the original characters of the 1985 series while audiences can also expected to see additional characters as the show continues to run. The plot of the new series follows the ThunderCats on the quest for the Book of Omens after the lizard people attack Thundera because only this artifact is capable of guiding them to victory. Mumm-Ra, the evil ancient sorcerer and Slithe, a dangerous lizard general still stand in the way of the ThunderCats as the villains of the series. Will the amazing powers of the Sword of Omens prove enough to stop evil in its path? Will Lion-O be successful in leading the ThunderCats to the Book of Omens? It seems like we will have to wait till July 29, 2011 to find out. Watch ThunderCats Videos Online and Play ThunderCats Games Online by visiting the link below.

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