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While Total Drama Island was Jennifer Pertsch’s first ever independent creation by her but in fact not only did it turn out to become quite popular but was also a very specific animated television show from Cartoon Network to receive a TV-PG-D and was even being telecast along with a parental guidance warning as well. Yet, since Cartoon Network wanted to enable the animated series to be viewable by a younger audience, Cartoon Network in fact was telecasting the animated television show with added censors and bleeps.


Since television viewers were looking for an animated television series that was rather innovative and unique, Total Drama Island brought them quite a different setting, being presented in the form of a reality show with fictional details.


The reality show competition that is being presented through this animated television show features a group of twenty two teenagers who are a part of the competition at a fictional island at Ontario by the name of Camp Wawanakwa. The main theme of the animated television series follows these campers all around the island as they take part in a variety of adventurous competitions.


For a majority of the television viewers, this animated series offers a sense of innovation since the television show is being showcased as a reality show, yet, the setting is still fictional and not to mention quite vibrant and eye catching. To truly distinguish that the show somewhat has a sense of reality alike a reality show, the winning contestant of the competition was also to receive prize money. Play Total Drama Island Games Online by visiting the link below.

Total Drama Island Games


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