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Xiaolin Showdown is an American animated series which is currently being aired on Cartoon Network. Xiaolin Showdown was created by Christy Hui and won Emmy award too. The series has like three season with almost 52 episodes. The series revolves around a place where where Magic and martial arts is very much common and is concerned with four young warriors who are still in training and soon have to fight against the evil and safeguard Shen Gong Wu (An ancient magical item which has incredible magical powers) from the forces of evil who wants to use them to take over the world.

Xiaolin Showdown

The series begins with four young warriors Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay, who are forced to work together in the Xiaolin Temple after they come to know they are the chosen one to become the ultimate Xiaolin Dragons. But it is not very easy as they don’t really like each other but as the time moves on they become good friends and start working together as a team so they can find Shen Gong Wu. But they are not alone and have to battle the evil boy genius, Wuya and Jack Spider who were accidently freed from imprisonment in a puzzle box. Soon after the training Omi becomes the Dragon of water, Kimiko becomes the Dragon of fire, Raimundo becomes the Dragon of Wind and Clay becomes the Dragon of Earth. Omi is the main character of the series and he was first one to start training in the Xiaolin Temple. Omi is very selfish and always is boasting about himself. However, At the end he always learn his lesson and is humiliated. He also travels back in the time in order to find the second puzzle box.


After the success of Season 1, second and third seasons were produced and they became popular too. The series was continuously nominated for Emmy Awards for 4 years from 2004 to 2007 and won the Emmy Award for its nomination in the year 2005. In 2004 it was also nominated for Annie award, But unfortunately wasn’t able to win it. Xiaolin Showdown video game was also developed by Konami for all devices like PS2, PSP, Xbox and Nintendo DS. Even trading card of the series were released which got great recognition too. Xiaolin Showdown is one of the greatest animated series made by US and was popular in many countries. You can Play Xiaolin Showdown Games Online by visiting link below.

Xiaolin Showdown Game 1

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