Better Storyline And Better Graphics- Resident Evil 6 Makes Its Mark In The Gaming World

Resident Evil is basically a “Dramatic Horror” / “Survival Horror” based video game which was developed in the year 1996 through Play Station. It was developed by Mayasaki Akahori. Later on it was also released through Windows and Sega Saturn. Many changes were brought upon later on and in the year 2002, the final copy was made of the Resident Evil 1 Version which had voice acting with new game play changes and it also had better graphics. It was released through Nintendo GameCube. Other sequels were made after that. Resident Evil was one for the first games to be coded under the section of “mature games” released under Play Station. There are differences between the Japanese and English versions of the game in several areas including powers, skills, and even the characters themselves.

Release Of Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil xbox

In 2012, October, Resident Evil 6 was released (called Biohazard 6 in Japan) through box PSP 3 and Xbox 360. Windows is planning on releasing its own version of Resident Evil 6 soon. By 3rd October, resident evil 6 had already sold over 4 million units worldwide.

Resident Evil 6 Storyline

Resident Evil

The story is told from the perspective of Chris Redfield this time, who is one of the main characters in the games. Chris Redfield is one of the former founders of BSAA which was a failed operation. Other characters in Resident Evil are Leon S Kennedy who is an ex government agent and one of the Raccoon City survivors. Neo Umbrella Corporations still kept as sinister organization which is responsible for all the bio hazards. The original T virus caused the mass mutations which were made the evil forces and enemies for the main characters. In this version a new C virus has been introduced which has been terrorizing the city and the characters are required to stop this by killing the mutated characters and stopping the virus from spreading and making it to the end alive.

Main Basis Of The Game Of Resident Evil Versions

Resident Evil 6 psp

Basically Umbrella Corp or Neo Umbrella Corp is an organization which went sinister due to the power hungry officials working there and they released illegal viruses for testing which turned humans into dangerous mutants and killers by altering their DNA. In the first version, Chris Redfield and Jill valentine (main characters) were trapped in a warehouse factory with all the mutated creatures and they were meant to die (as they knew the secret of Umbrella Corp.). The place was guarded by ferocious dogs. The game plan was to kill the creatures and make it out alive. The same storyline was followed din the other versions with introduction of new stories and characters.

The Enemy

Resident Evil 6

The main enemies were the evil and mutated characters who had fallen prey to the T and C viruses of Umbrella Corp. The tyrants are the moist ferocious and unforgiving antagonists. They are the ones who have been most severely affected by the viruses and have gained super strength and have almost turned into something inhuman due to the viruses. They have super strength, super powers (mostly skills) and can handle weapons. The most dangerous of them all is Nemesis who can track down people intelligibly and is hard to destroy. Nemesis yet again has managed to add to the monstrous graphical undertones in this version of Resident Evil.

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