Brace Yourself For The Upcoming Angry Birds Movie!

If you have ever heard about or played the game of Angry Birds, surely you know how addictive and how much fun it is. If you are an Angry Birds’ lover and you would like to see more of their funny antics then brace yourself, because 2016 will be a wonderful year for you. Makers of Angry Birds have said that they will be making an Angry Birds’ movie.

Merchandise was a huge success for the makers of Angry Birds all over the world after their addictive game. The game was taken from the personal computer to Facebook, to mobile applications too. Angry Birds’ wallpapers and ringtones were also a huge hit. After this, they decided to take it to the next step and make a movie. And everyone is going to be here. The funny round birds, the creepy yet adorable pigs and the never ending fight over eggs.


During the San Francisco Web 2.0 Summit game, creator Rovio announced this amazing news. Recently, David Maisel, the ex-Marvel executive, expressed his love for this amazing and fun game. He said that its great news that something so simple yet amazing can now be taken on the big screen. He also stressed upon the fact that people of all ages play Angry Birds and that’s what makes this franchise or venture so awesome and successful. He said that making a movie on angry birds is a big step and its the right step too, as it shows progress.


The possibility of the game making such huge progress through an upcoming movie tells a lot of about the success of Angry Birds. According to a recent survey, until October 2012, Angry Birds (all versions) had over a billion downloads.

The movie for Angry Birds will be produced by John Cohen. John Cohen is known for some great internationally acclaimed works such as Despicable Me. John Cohen is a well known reputed folk musician, producer and photographer. Cohen also worked closely on projects like Ice Age, Dr. Seuss, and it was his very own idea to re-imagine Alvin and the Chipmunks in 2007.


The executive producer will be David Maisel who worked at Marvel Studios for years.

Rovio announced that this film will be an independent one. Keeping things between themselves, Rovio has said that they will take things slow as this is their first move to something bigger than gaming and merchandise.

After the success of gaming movies like Resident Evil, Lara Croft, Prince of Persia and others, more and more gaming officials are getting interested in such matters.


Rovio officials said that the story line may seem weak but its cute and the game says how much people appreciate it. Eggs get stolen by evil round pigs. All the birds flock together to fight for what’s rightfully theirs and they attack with all their special powers. Not to forget how unique each of these birds are in shape, size, colour and super power.

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