Belle and the Beast Enchant Us Once Again With “Beauty and the Beast”- 3D

Watching a movie in 3D is always fascinating. You can relate to such movies in a more personalized manner as things seem more realistic and tangible to the audience in 3D. If you have watched the movie from Disney called the “Beauty and the Beast” in the year 1991, you will be thrilled to know that last year, it was re-released in 3D.

The cast of Beauty and the Beast


The same old melodic and soothing voice of Paige o Hara as the book loving, rebellious, free hearted Belle will mesmerize you all over again. The voice of Robby Benson is as caring and commanding as ever. Richard Vice’s voice is there yet again, as the man who craves for Belle’s hand in marriage.

All the enchanted castle items are voiced by Jerry Orbach, Angela Lansbury, Bradley Michael, Pierce, Jo Ann Worley, Brian Cummings, Kimmy Robertson and Frank Welker as the candelabra, clock, teapot, teacup, wardrobe, stove, feather duster and footstool respectively.


The voice of the owner of the Maison de Lune, Monsieur D’Arque, is given by Tony Jay. Alec Murphy gives the voice of the baker, Alvin Epstein voices the bookseller and Mary Kay Bergman and Kath Soucie give the voices for the village bimbettes.

Hal Smith gives the voice of Belle’s horse; Rex Everhart and Jesse Corti voice the inventor and the sidekick respectively. David Ogden Stiers voices the castle majordomo. The whole cast was apt and well appreciated by the audience years ago and they still haven’t lost their charm in this enchanting tale.

About the storyline of Beauty and the Beast


The movie sticks to the original fairy tale. A prince meets an enchantress dressed as a beggar, who gives him a rose and asks him to let her stay for the night. Seeing the beggar, the prince turns away the woman due to which, a curse falls upon him which turns him into an ugly beast. His household items become enchanted too and all his servants become these items instead. The rose is said to shed before his 21st birthday and if he isn’t loved by a woman before that, he will remain a beast forever. He is also given a magic mirror which lets him view incidents in faraway lands. The prince locks himself up in his castle in shame and anger which makes his personality rough and beast-like.

On the other side of the story, we are introduced to Belle, a free spirited small town girl, who loves reading. She wants to explore, grow as a person and get out of her small town girl image. Her wit and beauty attracts men from all over the world, who ask for her hand in marriage. Gaston, the town’s hunk is in love with Belle. But she is not interested.


Belle’s father once gets lost in a fair where he meets all the enchanted items. Enraged, the beast locks up Belle’s dad. When Belle finds out, she offers herself as the prisoner instead of her father. The beast agrees. As the rest of the story goes, Belle helps out with the housework and the beast is intrigued by her personality every day. Though he is rude at first, they soon start understanding each other very well. Later on, the beast comes out in the public and is faced by angered mobs. But Belle protects him, as she has fallen in love with him. His curse is broken and they live happily ever after.

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