Impy’s Island to be Premiered Soon on Hungama TV

Impy’s Island is a computer generated animated feature film that was made in 2006. The script for the film was based on the children’s classical novel “Urmel from the Ice Age” written by Max Cruse. The film’s original screenplay and soundtrack is in English although there is a German version as well for German audience. The directors of the film are Reinhard Kloos and Holger Tappe. The protagonist is Professor Timberton who is in charge of a small zoo or a menagerie. The unusual or pleasantly surprising feature of this zoo is that all the animals can speak like humans.

Impy’s Island 1

Prof. Timberton bears an uncanny resemblance to John Bolton, the ambassador of UNO. The animals caged in the professor’s zoo that deserves special mention are the pig that is very affectionate and caring like a mother; a puerile penguin and his reptilian colleague, who regularly have a tiff over who gets to crouch on the giant oyster shell; a seal who can croon like Louis Armstrong. The pig goes about from one place to another straddling on her hooves and her back resemble that of a human’s (after all humans are same at the back). In the Impy’s Island we get to see a dumb young boy who is a constant companion of the professor who is almost always half-bare. But he is not a very noble character.

Impy’s Island

Their peaceful and symbiotic existence gets a rude jolt one day when a dinosaur egg is seen safely ensconced within an iceberg that is merrily passing by. The egg is rescued and brought ashore more out of curiosity than out of the need to save it. In due time, Impy emerges from the egg. The professor makes a proclamation that Impy is actually a crossbreed or a hybrid of a mammal and a dinosaur. And like all newborns, she can’t do without her mother and hence she is constantly stuck to her mother. She looks really cute with her eyes blinking and her demeanor makes her look funny.

Impy’s Island 3

Everything seems hunky dory and the days seem to pass by in a reverie until a tubby king with sunglasses sporting personal attendant arrives on the scene. The king at times, looks menacing with his cheek by jowl whiskers, but looks frivolous at other times. He arrives with the sole intention of taking away Impy for his private menagerie. And the animals along with the professor try to scramble together a plan to rescue Impy from the clutches of the king. Initially, there is a lot of ruckus between them but eventually the pig suggests a solution couched in paganism to which everybody nods in agreement. The pig suggests supplicating to ‘The Pork Fairy’.

Impy’s Island2

She seeks divine intervention by trying to read between the lines from the astral arrangement in the skies above. She feels that the arrangement of the stars has a message she tries to decipher. But in this melee, the other animals suggest taking Impy to an underground watery dungeon. And the suggestion is carried out in letter and spirit. Everybody has the impression that the king is most unlikely to follow Impy down the cave. But retiring to the dungeon does not mean the end of troubles. Impy’s Island will be premiered in Hungama TV on Wednesday, August 29 at 11:00 AM IST.

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