Shin Chan Movie: Villain Aur Dulhan

Shin Chan Movie: Villain Aur Dulhan has indeed turned out to be an instant success. The movie is Ruling Over Million Hearts and made the youngsters all the more ‘gaga’ over Shin Chan. Now, are you baffled by the title? Well, in case you are, Villain and Dulhan is the latest Shin Chan starrer movie which was aired in India on 28th September 2013. The movie was aired on Hungama TV at 12PM and since then, it is still the talk of the town. The original Chinese movie is called ‘Crayon Shin-Chan: Super-Dimension!  The Storm called my bride’ and since its release in 2010, this has turned out to be one of the most popular comic romantic comedy series specifically created for kids.

Villian aur Dulhan

The movie begins with the note of an intriguing future which is bleak and where Shin Chan is trapped with lady called tamiko. Under such conditions, Shin Chan asks her to bring him back his 5-year-old-self simply before being captivated. Soon, to Shin Chan’s dismay, he comes to know of the fact that Tamiko, is actually his would-be bride during that age of future. Soon, like most animated flicks here too, Shin Chan sets on a journey with her where he pledges to save the world from potential evil acts.

Villian aur Dulhan shin chan movie

The entire movie received huge TRP and popularity after it was released. In fact, these days, Shin Chan being a household name, everybody is intrigued to catch a glimpse of some of his best films. This film too like many Shin Chan shows turned out to be an instant success or rather, a major hit. Children, adults, young adults and also the aged watched the film and had some of the best reviews about it. Moreover, the intriguing story-line, innovative plot and extremely brilliant and life-like characters performing here, make this movie all the more luring. All in all, as per popular reviews and also my personal take, this movie is ‘must-watch’. In fact, nothing can be better than Shin Chan Nohara’s fun filled adventure  stories on a lazy day.


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  2. A best movie

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