Cartoon Network Plans Christmas Special Shows This Year

Cartoon Network is ringing in the festive season with a blast. With several new shows lined up for December, Cartoon Network is the place to look out for. Keeping in mind the temperament of the young children, Cartoon Network has decided to make … [Continue reading]

Better Storyline And Better Graphics- Resident Evil 6 Makes Its Mark In The Gaming World

Resident Evil is basically a “Dramatic Horror” / “Survival Horror” based video game which was developed in the year 1996 through Play Station. It was developed by Mayasaki Akahori. Later on it was also released through Windows and Sega Saturn. Many … [Continue reading]

Final Fantasy 3 – (PSP) Latest Updates

Final Fantasy is a well known science fiction based video game which has gained international recognition over the years. It was first released in the year 1987. In the year 2012 Final Fantasy 3 was released and it is still doing very well in the … [Continue reading]

Life Lessons with “Peanuts” – A Tribute to Charles Schulz

Charles Schulz, nicknamed Sparky was the creator of the famous cartoon strip “Peanuts”. He was born in the year 1922 in Minnesota. He was nicknamed after Spark Plug who was a horse in the comic strip named Barney Google, created by Billy De Beck. … [Continue reading]

Ninja Boy Rantaro–Yet Another Ninja Cartoon

Ninja boy Rantaro or Nintama Rantaro is a Japanese animated series that has become a popular game worldwide. Targeted at young children, the series appeals to people of all ages and provides light entertainment for anyone who is looking for Japanese … [Continue reading]