Goosebumps – One of the Most Loved Horror Show for Kids

Goosebumps is basically a Canadian kids omnibus horror show which is derived or is based on the famous book Goosebumps written by one of the famous authors R.L Stine. This show is currently being aired on channel Disney XD and is considered to be one … [Continue reading]

Motorcity Preview – Animated Cartoon from Disney and Titmouse

Disney Television Animation and Titmouse Inc. produced an animated cartoon called Motorcity, which is a television series. Chris Prynoski, who has many credits in film and TV, created and directed the Motorcity. The series was first published on … [Continue reading]

Tokyo Pig : Let the Imagination Come to Life

Tokyo Pig is a popular TV show in Japan. It is completely animated and looks similar to shows like Pokemon. It has been translated into English and is now shown in countries like the United States and United Kingdom. It is also shown in China but … [Continue reading]

Clone High – Historical Figures coming back to Life

What do you get when you put clones of famous historical people from the past in a high school? The result will be Clone High. This cartoon details the fictitious clone lives of Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Joan de Arc, Cleopatra and John F … [Continue reading]

A Certain Magical Index – A Mixture of Science and Magic

A Certain Magical Index or Toaru Majutsu no Index, is an anime which explores the area where science and magic were to cross paths. The story starts in Academy City, where in the hustle and bustle; students are genetically engineered to be espers, … [Continue reading]