American Dad – Racy and Comedic Cartoon depicting a CIA Family Man

Building on the great hit that is Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane has created another comedy cartoon, called American Dad. However, this time, the scenario is a little different; the main character, Stan, is a CIA man, surrounded by his loving wife and … [Continue reading]

The Cleveland Show – Some Light Black Humor for the Whole Family

Running for more than 3 seasons with the 4th one currently running, The Cleveland Show is a cute comedic television cartoon show meant for everybody. Bundled with Seth MacFarlane’s 2 other projects, Family Guy and American Dad, the Cleveland Show is … [Continue reading]

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – Combining History with Modernity

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon is a unique anime in its own right, mixing comedy, action and romance into something that is different from those 3 genres. You might feel a little confused at everything that is going on but for those who think deeply into … [Continue reading]

Adventure Time – A Cartoon that is Funnily Crazy

Adventure Time is a cartoon that is unlike other cartoons which are shown in Cartoon Network. Its art and character development are unique and nonsensical. But that is what separates Adventure Time from other cartoons. Enter Finn, a 14 years old kid … [Continue reading]

Ratz – A Frenetic Comedy about Two Rats

French Television can be seen as kings of culture, where producers turn unpolished shows into culture inspiring pop series. It should not come to any one as a surprise that French animators are also one of the best in the world, although they are … [Continue reading]