Accel World – A Virtual World Like No Other

Ever feel that your world is unspectacular or that you are not meant for this world? Well, Accel World is an anime that mirrors how you are feeling. The anime is set in 2046 where the main character, Arita, is a morbidly obese and ridiculously short … [Continue reading]

The Upside Down Show

The Upside Down Show is a reality TV show for children starring David Collins and Shane Dundas that is screened on Nick Jr. Australia, ABC Australia, and Noggin. The director for this reality show is Alec Greenwalt who has also written the script, … [Continue reading]

Little Bear: Teaching Children to Lead a Better Life

Little Bear is a family oriented as well as an educational animated series for children starring Kristin Fairlie as the little bear. This show currently airs on Nick Jr. in USA and on Treehouse TV channel in Canada. It was originally produced by … [Continue reading]

Sword Art Online: Where Games Clash With Reality

Sword Art Online tells a story of a sci-fi world where people from around the world can participate in a game appropriately called Sword Art Online by using a fictional helmet called the Nerve Gear to simulate the 5 senses of the brain. Unexpectedly, … [Continue reading]

High School DxD – An Entertaining Anime That Mixes Fan Service With Plot

An anime that is full of fan service is mostly shallow with their almost inexistent plot. However, this is not the case with High School DxD. Set in modern Japan, the protagonist, Issei Hyodo, is a high school student studying at Kuoh Academy. He is … [Continue reading]