Pokemon (Pokémon) is a great cartoon series which is famous world wide . The Pokemon is a story of a young kid Ash Ketchum who travels the land of Pokemon to become the greatest Pokemon master .


Pokemon which stands for Pocket Monsters are Animated Monsters which are of many types and many shapes . Some Pokemon are very cute like Pikachu which is the best friend of Ash.


There are 1000’s of Pokemon some are discovered and some are not . Ash travels with his friends Misty and Brock . Misty is a young gal who loves water type Pokemon . She is with Ash after he destroys her bicycle and Brock is a gym leader and loves stone type Pokémon .

The Pokemon cartoon deals with Gym leaders, Ash and his friends. Gym leaders are not the body building Gym but its the place where new trainers can fight with gym trainers and win badges which help them take part in league and show world their talent .


The Pokémon has many variants like Ruby, Sapphire, Gold which all contains different kind of monsters and different challengers.

The Pokémon Trading cards are very famous among the young generations and as well as Pokemon Games which are available to download . These games can be played in Game Boy or Pc as per needs .


Team Rocket is the bad side of the story which is big organization mainly wants to steal Pokémon and hurt them or sell them. Some members of Team Rocket are behind Ash’s Pikachu because its very strong . The story even deals with how ash saves his Pikachu from these people . Jessie, James and meowth who are the members of team rocket.

team rocket

The Pokémon in India is shown in Cartoon Network at 05:30 IST . Which is the same time as Shin Chan . Currently The ruby episodes are going on . So Enjoy The Pokémon series on Cartoon Network . adios


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