Crayon Shin Chan

The entertainment sections of major newspapers on Thursday, Dec 04, 2008 were stained with a piece of news that left many bewildered and depresses.

So went the titles : –

POPULAR CARTOON character Shin Chan and his antics will no longer be seen on Indian television.

The result was a distraught community of little children, teens, adults and not to forget the television watching elderly people, for all of them had fallen in love with the adorable and charming activities of Shin Chan . a naughty little Sweet Devil who had an eternal relation with trouble.

shin chan

It was a dead and glum period on the program slot on HUNGAMA TV that originally aired the renowned cartoon show Shin Chan. However, 24th March, 2009 marked a re-birth for Shin Chan. The authorities had to bow down to the popular public demands and after a bit of censoring; the show was back with a bang on the small screens.

What makes Shin Chan a class apart from other cartoon shows is the fact that Shin Chan is not the usual cutie pie who you would love to cuddle and hug. On the contrary, he is a like bolt of lightning who gets turned on by women much older than himself and tries all his tricks to get their attention. However, this does not mean that he’s not got the little kiddish features we love to associate with cartoon characters. His fans are not limited by factors like age and language. In fact, it is one of the few cartoon shows from Japan that have managed to make it global.

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Half an hour’s dose if Shin Chan a day is sufficient to just wash away your tension and anxiety as his antics and strange activities are sure to tickle your funny bones. Though some find it inappropriate, but Shin Chan uses adult language and gestures which make him a tough force to handle for his parents. His eccentricities, paying no heed to manners and courtesies, sheer rib cracking jokes and his equally interesting family; all factors mix remarkably well to give the audiences a perfect comic experience.

The sudden demise of Yoshito Usui, (the creator of the character Shin Chan in the form of cartoon strip in a Japanese weekly magazine called Weekly Manga Action) has put into doubt the future of Shin Chan cartoon series, but die-hard fans are extracting hope from the fact that the producers have laid their hands on some fresh manuscripts from the original creator and promise to pursue the series further. And why would they not!! Considering the fact that despite being on the naughtier (and sometimes even VULGAR) side, parents themselves can’t stop themselves from enjoying the mannerisms of this live-wire Shin Chan, leave alone dissuading their children from watching it!!!



  2. i love sinchan a lot

  3. Hey bro….found this site very interesting….
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  4. i love shinchan a lot i daily watch your program
    i love your fantasice movies like [shinchan and the treasures of buri buri kingdom]

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