Why Was Shin Chan Banned

Shin Chan Has Been Going on well for some years from now on . But it was banned in India and many countries several times because of Its contents, Adult Talks and Some Scenes. Though its a Cartoon Based on a young Child Shin Chan But Shin Chan uses Adult Language and some scene are X rated .

It can have bad effect on Children as Children doesn’t know anything and gets attracted to anything very quickly which is really dangerous because as Shin Chan Doesn’t Listen to his parents and flirt with girls .Even small children would start it too .

shin chan

I believe Shin Chan is made for Teenagers 16+ and is not meant for young children even though its a cartoon series its not meant for children . So Government should understand that and restrict the Children to watch it instead Banning it completely .

Any how it is restored now and can be seen in Hungama TV as mentioned earlier . Though Some Talks and Scenes are Filtered and His dialogues are muted . But Its ok . Its still as Funny as before so no problem with that and good thing is that even small children can watch it now as the show is censored.

We hope It is not Banned again and continues to show . Even its movies are coming up in India which is great as its getting Popular day by day . Some contest also were started like “ Who Is Greatest Fan Of Shin Chan “ which got great response from the children and many participated . So its going good lets see how popular it gets .

I think in some years it can be as popular as Pokemon , Dragon Ball z or Tom and Jerry . Lets hope Well.


  1. India is a country where you can’t except anything if you go to any temple or any mornutments you can see nude pics of girls etc but they’re not bad for childrean BUT YEA Doraemon , Shin-chan give bad impact on children anyways it was fun year back now due to censorship its like eating icecream without Cream 😉 and yea even animax hindi dubb was banned coz they realizsed its for 30 age so they won’t dub it 🙂 this is india u and ye if you want to see good animes go to japan not prick country like india it sucks bad and yea some of my frnds liek saas bahu go watch it bettr than Shinchan RGIHT :D?

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