Supernatural – An Epic TV Series

Supernatural, is an epic TV series that has been a must watch for viewers asking horror and suspense genre in the same mug. It’s a subtle hybrid of drama cum mystery in disguise, starring the cool and enigmatic, Jared Padalescki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester acting his elder brother in the serial.


The storyboard begins with Sam and Dean who were single handedly raised by their father John. John suffered the unforgettable loss of his wife Mary, who was supernaturally killed by an unexplained devil entity at the time when both of them were young. At the age of 22, the boys left their home on a journey to probe in for the demon, when suddenly their father went missing all along; who went they found and came to his rescue explained the enigma behind their mother’s sudden death.

Supernatural 2

Meanwhile, Sam began to develop frightening abilities that include death visions, visions of people dying before it actually happened. The illusions and the paranoia made sam believe that it was linked with the brutal assassination of her mother. Further ahead, cutting up a deal with the demon killed his dad after what was recon by him a wasted act of reconciliation. Frequented by the mayhem around him and his brother, Sam decided to end the stack of miseries by encounter the devil himself.

Supernatural 3

The sequel really determines the flow and the intensity in the characters as we have seen on the TV that Season 4 was a major success. The Reason behind this upshot was the Late Kim Manners’s success as an excellent director and a pioneer in the media. His directional qualities not only contributed in shaping up the cast but also proved to be vital for the lifetime success of the series. Even after his sudden demise, the series earned the same set of interest as it had before. Since 2005 till 2010, the set of scripts endorsed in the play haven’t changed the character of the play. And even up late, according to the latest survey done by NBC, shows that the play possess the same public interest as if before. The play consequential viewer rating up to 90% exemplifies the truth.

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