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Shaktiman or Shaktimaan was an amazing series which was aired on Pogo TV and Star Plus. Shaktimaan is a series based on an Indian Super Hero named Shaktimaan which means The possessor of Power in Sanskrit or Hindi. It was the first Indian super hero series which was ever made and was very popular at its time. Children, Teenagers and Adults were mad behind the series.


Shaktimaan was very powerful, had ability to fly and was invulnerable to injuries just like Super Man. I think the character was inspired from Super Man but it included various unique concept. Shaktimaan was also known as Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri in his real life just like peter parker in Spider Man. No one knew Gangadhar was only Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan had crush on Geeta Viswas and even she liked him. She comes to know many times that Gangadhar is Shaktimaan but Shaktimaan has to erase her memory as Shaktimaan can’t disclose his identity to anyone.


Shaktimaan is a warrior of Truth and his main aim is to safeguard people from evil and destroy evil Tamraj Kilvish (Lord of Darkness). when the show was running on TV their were many problems for the director as in a scene Geeta Viswas jumps from a building thinking Shaktimaan will save her and she can meet her and same thing happen. But unfortunately a similar incident occurred in real life in India who thought Shaktimaan will save him. Though the series had many conflicts but also it has a great fan following and people use to watch it daily in Doordarshan at earlier days.


The series also gave a message everyday so that children follow it and learn good habits like brushing teeth, cleaning ears etc. which made parents happy along with their children. The Shaktimaan Comics were also a hit and was one of the best selling comics in India. We hope they start Shaktimaan 2 or similar soon. You can Watch Shaktimaan Episodes Online by visiting the link below.

Watch Shaktimaan Online

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